Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment


Mention about「Osaka Erotic Guide」, 3,000 yen OFF!

Region From Nihonbashi to Osaka City/Others
Hours 14:00pm – 02:00am
Price 40,000 yen / 60 min~
Credit Cards VISA / Master Card / American Express

★☆★【Successfully Gathering of Japanese AV actresses, models and etc.】★☆★
Experience the extraordinary with the girls gathered in our store through various relationships!

When you comes to enjoy the adult entertainment in Japan, finding the right women is crucial. If you want to meet lovely girls, it is our pleasure to serve you!
Our store is part of Japan’s largest corperation, with 6 branches in Osaka, 1 in Tokyo, and 1 in Fukuoka.

We will introduce you to the girl you desire from a total of 300 women, considering factors such as price range and types of girls you are interested in!

Fee System
※Including panel fee nominating the lady of choice

60 min. 40,000 yen
90 min. 58,000 yen
120 min. 78,000 yen
30 min. Extension 30,000 yen

60 min. 55,000 yen
90 min. 77,000 yen
120 min. 110,000 yen
150 min. 132,000 yen
30 min. Extension 44,000 yen

60 min. 88,000 yen
90 min. 110,000 yen
120 min. 143,000 yen
150 min. 176,000 yen
30 min. Extension 55,000 yen

60 min. 121,000 yen
90 min. 165,000 yen
120 min. 220,000 yen
150 min. 275,000 yen
30 min. Extension 88,000 yen

※We have staff who can speak Chinese, English, and Japanese, so please feel free to call us.