Cool Japan,SM LAND

Cool Japan,SM LAND

Region From Osaka/Umeda
Hours 10:30 am – 24:30 am
Price 60,000 yen / 100 min~

Our establishment exclusively employs ladies who specialize in being M types. The companions who will accompany you are not only erotically appealing but also exquisitely beautiful, far surpassing the average girls you see on the streets in sophistication.
We have gathered many cute and beautiful ladies who absolutely love being dominated by men.

Pricing System:
100 min: 60,000 yen
Every additional 30 min: 20,000 yen

Play Content:
Deep Kiss, Raw Fellatio, Cum in Mouth (Unlimited Shots), Breastjob, Sumata, Lotion Play, Finger Insertion, Anal Licking, Pink Rotor, Full Body Service, Masturbation Viewing, Urination Viewing, Shame Play, Binding (Cotton Rope), Soft Whip, Medium Vibrator (Orgasstar), Anal Vibrator, Commanding, Training, Hot Water Enema, Excretion, Eye Mask, Collar, Ball Gag, Large Vibrator, Brush Vibrator + Electric Massager

Although our ladies specialize in being M types, please refrain from rough acts or actions that our companions dislike. If any injuries or bruises occur, appropriate measures will be taken.