Mention about「Osaka Erotic Guide」,
50 minute omakase course (normally 20,000 yen) 25% off for 15,000 yen

Address 3-6-18 Noka, Otsu City, Shiga 【MAP
Tel 077-579-1140 / +81-77-579-1140
Hours 09:00 am – 24:00 am
Price 20,000 yen / 50 min~

Best cost performance! High quality casual soap! One of the largest staff members in the area ☆ This is the hottest restaurant in Ogoto right now!

Kinbeume, which represents Ogoto, is a soapland with over 70 employees!

We are open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to midnight, and of course our companions and other staff are thoroughly trained.

Therefore, you will be highly satisfied and will not have any negative feelings.

You can relieve your daily fatigue and stress, and you can also enjoy a melt-in-the-mouth time with authentic play!

If you use the Kosei Line Hieizan Sakamoto Station, we will pick you up free of charge.

[Female quality reform] turns a 19-year-old beautiful girl into an extremely beautiful woman who will satisfy you!!!

They are all attractive girls with various sexual habits, techniques, looks, etc.

By taking advantage of various discounts such as guerrilla events, you can receive richer services at even better prices!

You can check out the girls’ nice looks and good personalities through their photo diaries, which are full of erotic content.