Mrs.Sexy esthetic salon

Mrs.Sexy esthetic salon

Region Osaka City, Osaka
Hours 9:00 am – LAST
Price 15,000 yen / 90 min~

Adult wives from late 20’s to 40’s will heal you.
Our high-class ladies will wholeheartedly provide you with the best healing experience according to your physical condition and mood.

Our shop is a business trip massage shop.
A more comfortable and relaxing space for customers
We will quickly dispatch one of our therapists.
Therefore, a separate travel fee will be charged.
Thank you for your understanding.

This will be a business trip only to business hotels.
*We do not travel to love hotels*

Transportation expenses
◆Free:within Osaka city
◆2000 yen:Higashiosaka City, Suita City, Toyonaka City, Moriguchi City, Kadoma City, Yao City, Amagasaki City, Sakai City (Sakai Ward/Kita Ward)
◆3000 yen:Ikeda City, Itami City, Neyagawa City, Daito City, Fujiidera City, Settsu City, Hirakata City, Takatsuki City, Minoh City, Matsubara City,
Tondabayashi City, Shijonawate City, Ibaraki City, Izumi City, Habikino City, Sakai City (Nishi Ward, Higashi Ward, Minami Ward, Naka Ward, Mihara Ward)
◆4000 yen:Takaishi City, Izumiotsu City, Kishiwada City, Kaizuka City, Izumisano City, Katano City, Shimamoto Town, Kawachinagano City, Osaka Sayama City, Takarazuka City, Nishinomiya City
◆5000 yen:Kansai Airport, Hannan City, Misaki Town, Sennan City
◆7000 yen~:Kobe City, Kyoto City, Nara City