Osaka Oiran Relaxation

Osaka Oiran Relaxation


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1,000 yen discount for new customers

Region Osaka
Hours 10:00 am – 6:00 am
Price 24,000 yen / 90 min~
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Osaka Oiran Relaxation is a premium relaxation salon run by Japanese women with the best proportions.
We offer our customers a new level of relaxation that cannot be experienced at adult entertainment establishments.
*How to use
Make a reservation through the reservation form or LINE, and after confirmation,
we will guide you when you arrive at the following station exit, so please contact us again.
*We recommend contacting us through LINE!
Subway Umeda Station/Nishi Umeda Station JR Kitashinchi Station Exit C69
Subway Higashi Umeda Station Exit M-14
Subway Tanimachi Rokuchome Station Exit 5
Subway Sakaisuji Honmachi Station Exit 1 Exit 3
Subway Nagahoribashi Station Exit 6 or 7
Subway Minamimorimachi Station Exit 4-B Nishi Umeda Station JR Kitashinchi Station Exit C69
*Our store is not an adult entertainment store, but is intended for body care such as aromatherapy, massage, relaxation, and men’s esthetics.
*The treatments we provide are for relaxation purposes and are not hospitals, clinics, or treatment centers as defined by the Medical Care Act. In addition, our treatments are not as defined by the law regarding massage therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.

We will not allow anyone who falls under any of the following categories to use our services. Or, we may have to cancel the treatment.

In that case, please note that we will not refund the treatment fee.

・People related to organized crime or those equivalent, or people with tattoos, etc.

・People who are drunk.

・People with severe athlete’s foot or dermatitis.

・Competitors and people who have been scouted.

・People who have canceled without permission, etc.

・People who request sexual services.

・People who touch, use abusive language, violence, or other actions that therapists dislike.

・People who are deemed unsuitable for our shop.

◆Notes when making a reservation◆

・For advance reservations, we ask that customers contact us one hour before the day of the reservation to confirm.

・If you arrive after the reservation time, the time may be shortened.

・Please note that if you cancel close to the reservation time, a cancellation fee will be charged.
(Cancellation fee: half the course fee)
・We only accept cash payments.